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"About Tickle Too Sanctuary"

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Teddy enjoying vegetables

Connie and Teddy


Tickle Too Sanctuary is in Deland

After many years at NatureScapes Nursery in Bunnell, the Palm Coast Bird Sanctuary (now Tickle Too Sanctuary) has relocated to Deland, Florida.  

Our sanctuary built aviaries in DeLand and is part of Patty’s Parrot Palace. 

We retained our name and non-profit status (501 3 c) but are now part of something bigger and fabulous. Your visits and support have been a blessing to us.  Thank you!

I hope you will visit us in DeLand.  

Visiting hours are Saturdays, once COVID abates.

Sign up online.

1065 S Beresford Road

Deland FL 32720

​Dr. Tappan has relocated to DeLand to continue her long-standing volunteer work with birds and will be Patty’s many days a week.