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Charlie's Story

     Charlie, a very kind and sweet African Grey, came to the Baiata Bird Sanctuary in November 2016.

     We know that he was imported and suffered nasal issues early in life.  Charlie immediately loved his surroundings, which includes a screened gazebo for day time play and a comfortable birdhouse, heated and air-conditioned, for the evenings/nights.  

     Charlie also fell in love with our female African Grey. While they do not "sleep together" in the same cage, they love each other and their cages are side by side.  Charlie loves music and people. 

    Just before Hurricane Irma hit Florida, Charlie had 12 grand mal seizures and then was better until Sunday, September 24th, when he started seizing again. 

    After consultation with an avian vet in Deland, we took him to the small animal emergency room at the University of Florida, where he was admitted to the hospital and stayed two nights.

    Charlie had a number of tests to determine the cause of the seizures. These tests included a blood chemistry profile, physical exams, and a CAT scan under anesthesia.  

    The CAT scan revealed a fungal infection that has spread from the nasal passages to the brain.  A fungal ball was removed from Charlie’s nasal area and Charlie was started on two anti-fungal medicines, plus one medicine to control his seizures.  One of these medicines is expensive. He will be taking these for many months, in hopes of curing his fungus.

     Dr. Tappan administers medications twice a day and has Charlie in her home.

  Charlie continues to be followed by the UF Veterinarian and is doing well. 

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