TickleToo Sanctuary @ Patty's Parrot Palace

Tickle Too Sanctuary (Baiata Bird Sanctuary) has joined Patty’s Parrot Palace in Deland.

We retained our corporate structure and non-profit status but are now part of something bigger and fabulous.

Your continued support is blessing to us.  Thank you! 

Dr. Tappan is on-site many days a week and will arrange private tours for our supporters starting in December 2020.

Review our new video and visit us after the COVID Pandemic abates.

Visiting hours are Saturdays, once a month. Sign up online at https://parrotpalace.org/


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Bird Nutrition - Baiata Bird Sanctuary

Teddy says Tickle Tickle

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Drawing by a volunteer      Apollo and the Model     Charlie in Nest Box         Cockatoo Aviary

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In 2019, Tickle Too Sanctuary was awarded a grant from the Doris Day Animal Foundation to provide vet care for our birds.  We are grateful for their support.  2022-We are seeking support for care for five new birds that were just rescued.  Donate through Benevity.org.

Baby shown below needs surgery.

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"Bird Nutrition"